What Trying To Sleep Looks Like.

IMG_4183People. I’m kinda sorta freaking out.

Okay, I take it all back: I’m definitely freaking out.

FoH, my dear dear sweet FoH, no longer wants to NAP.

And I’m absolutely just beside myself. Because if it is one thing I just love love love it’s napping. I NEED it.

So I’m pretty much all, WTF, all the time right now. But hey, it was bound to happen at some point.

I just thought I had a little more time. Yet another milestone down. Time is a thief.

2 thoughts on “What Trying To Sleep Looks Like.

  1. Recipe:
    1 dining table
    1 large blanket
    2 yoga mats
    2 pillows
    Pandora music
    Closed blnds

    Directions: Assemble all so it resembles a nest. Tell some boring stories to each other until you fall asleep. First one to “really” fall asleep gets to pick where the next dessert comes from.

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