Blueberry Bagel.

I had been craving a blueberry bagel … but it turns out, B beat me to it.

She found one, perfectly in tact, mind you. I’m much too responsible to allow my dog to eat gross food that’s been laying out for days, infested with other insects and lord knows what else. Gross. It was even still in its box. I was impressed with B’s skills.

That’s one heck of a nose on her, and some good eyesight. I suppose that’s what German Short Haired Pointers are left to do when they aren’t allowed to hunt due to gun shy tendencies {like I’d ever allow my dog to hunt anyway}.

B happens to be very camera shy, but I was able to snap this photo. She actually carried this bagel for an entire hour. Didn’t even stop to bark at other dogs, which she’s always quite keen to do … you know, anything to stir up some neighborly dog excitement.

She’s a real charmer like that.


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