Summa Summa Summa Solstice Time.

Who else is hearing Will Smith in their head right about now?

Still remains one of my fave songs. You know … me and spitting and rhyme. Always.

Summer Solstice is a top day out of the whole year for me. Hello, awakening. Right up my alley. The significance of Solstice is just that — a universal knowledge of awakening that is said to occur.

Our most ancient ancestors have always celebrated and revered Solstice, and that can’t be by accident. They knew what was up. Way more so than we do, probably.

“There is a reason why natural principles are found throughout sacred texts and ancient sites—this is because there are universal principles that govern all of creation, including all life in the largest to the smallest of scales. Thus we can see the same principles of the macrocosmic movement of the planets, in the microcosmic structure of an atom. Mathematically, in the spiral of a galaxy, we see the spiral of a shell, and the unfolding of a fern. The principles that govern all life above us, also govern life here below on earth.”

Isn’t it further interesting that pretty much all of our great {spiritual/religious} leaders have referenced our Sun as a source of creation. This can be read from the Bible to the Bhagavad Gita to the Egyptian Book Of The Dead.

The Ancient teachings have always believed the sun represents more than just a physical object, that is spiritual in nature. I’ll go with it.

My solstice celebration tonight will be centered around a Sweat Lodge. I’m actually feeling a little nervous about it … it’s been a while since I sat in that intense heat, but I know it will be so good for me.

Cleansing. Fresh start. Preparing me for The Way and becoming it. Bring it on, Solstice! Wish you all a day of reflection and relaxation.

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