Happy Day Before.

I love the day before a holiday. The lead up, that excitement.

That celebratory and light atmosphere. Not like I’m doing any actual doing for Thanksgiving, but I’m still excited and looking forward to it.

I wonder how many more years I’m going to be able to dodge meal preparations of any sort? Yes, I am lucky for that, aren’t I?

Another item to add to my Thankful list.

Maman arrives in a few hours. Can’t wait, because ya know, it’s just been so damn long since we’ve seen each other! Hey, it feels like it and that counts, too.

FOH and I are both excited to be reunited with her. I keep forgetting … there’s a full fledged, aware being I’m carrying around. It’s a good thing I forget that half the time, otherwise I’d probs stay in bed and not want to move ever for fear of doing psychological damage. Since the yogis say I am solely responsible for forming FOH’s subconscious.

Geesh. I think pregnancy deserves way more credit than it gets. Changing lives here, People!

Happy Day Before. I hope you all have that little stir of nostalgia mixed with joy and a dash of pre-holiday excitement.


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