I always find it a little too empty after a holiday, when everyone has left and all is quiet.

The time seems to have passed in a blur while still feeling weeks long. How does that happen, anyway?

Maman left early this evening and per usual, it was painful, but a little less heartbreaking. That’s only because TC was with me and he had to throw in the whole, GD! YOU are going to be a MOTHER, get a grip! Learn to let her go.

I’ve been musing that line over for the past couple hours. Learn to let her go. Could he be right? His delivery could be a little softer but maybe he has a point, People.

It makes me feel completely inept in this thing called Mothering without Maman. I haven’t really considered the possibility or more like the fact that Maman will not be here in the way I want her to when I have this baby. She shouldn’t. She has a life and a whole world going on. I am not going to put my life on her.

Learning to let People go is hard, but I think perhaps, I need to take TC’s advice. At least a little bit.

Allow. Let the pieces fall as they will. I suppose this is also part of living with more grace.

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