At My Proudest.

Today, I had the proudest Mothering experience to date.

We hit up the mall — all of us. Well, all of us minus The BF. I’m really not too keen on malls anymore, but I needed to return clothes FOH received recently. Who knew my 12 week child would be done with six month clothes now?

I also had a pair of sunglasses from Nordstrom’s that I loved but continue to fall apart on me — literally. I realized I better suck it up and just get the returns over with and my reward would be Lululemon.

Before I get to my proud Mama moment, I’ve got to sing the Lulu praises … one of the Run Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve shirts I have started to fall apart around the foreman. What began as a tiny hole quickly spread out and began to unravel. When I’m paying pratically $70 for a workout shirt, I expect it to last.

Maman pointed out that I’ve had the shirt for two years now and gotten a fair amount of wear out of it, but I still thought it should have held up better. I was so impressed when I showed them the shirt today at the store and with no questions asked, they gave me a brand new one and apologized for the, quality control issue.

Yes, it might be pricy, but when a company stands behind their product so strongly and will make a wrong right, that says something.

Now to FOH.

No doubt, it’s a pain in the ass to go out with him. It requires massive preparations and multiple bags {and somehow I still end up forgetting or not bringing enough of something}.

However. Just because it’s a pain doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it, I do. I also think it’s important to get him out in to the world. Seeing and experiencing new sights and sounds and people.

His reactions to these new experiences are priceless — I can see his little mind working on over drive and soaking it all in. He loves people. Especially the ladies. I don’t know how he knows the difference, but he does and does he ever turn on the charm. It’s hysterical.

He drew a lot of attention while we were at Macy’s. Many compliments were dished out along with my favorite question, my great nephew was born at the beginning of May, when was he born — January?

No, friend, the end of April.

That got a shocking look and reaffirmed that no, I’m not imagining it — he really is big for his age.

My most treasured exchanged happened with a woman named Gloria. I’ve only met a handful of Gloria’s and every single one of them is like an Earth bound angel. Maybe it’s just par for the course given the name.

She told us that she had been having, a really bad morning. I felt bad because of my allergies and it had me in a bad mood. And then you came along and I saw his face light up with that beautiful smile and I felt such joy that I thought I might spontaneously combust. He lifted me right up.

People, I thought I was going to cry. I cannot think of anything better to hear about my child than him bringing another that much joy. I thought I might combust right then and there with pride.

As parents, we all believe our children are special — and they are. I don’t see FOH as any more “special” than any other baby. Because he isn’t. We are all here with our own uniqueness, adding to the world that which no one else can.

But as a parent, we’re not sure that others see the specialness in our child that we do. This is another fear of mine. Will the world see his gifts and embrace him for that?

That fear was laid to rest today. Not because it was validated, but because FOH showed me that just by him simply being him, the world responded in like energy.

We put out what we attract and FOH was a perfect example of that, my master Teacher showing me that it isn’t the action part, it’s the being part where we are at our most powerful.

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