The Threshold.


Trips — they take me a while to come back down. To make sense of new me versus old me.

To soak in the experiences and sights and sounds that have stayed, lit that spark of interest and intrigue.

Italy was a pivotal time on a few levels. The biggest one being : I felt free to be me. Me unencumbered.

I was given a beautiful gift of time away that allowed me to reconnect with the parts of myself that have to take a back seat to higher priorities.

There is nothing — nothing – I will not do for FoH. He comes first. As he should.

But I see now how I need to make time … to get away. It’s necessary to my being.

I feel a lot like this picture. Standing on the threshold of life. Exiting from one way of being to turn to something brighter — and bigger — than myself.

Not quite sure where I’m turning — and not questioning, just going with it. Saying yes. Recklessly — yes.

One thought on “The Threshold.

  1. Beautiful words totally enchanted by your freedom and desire to explore new horizons . Stay tuned !!

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