The Day After.

You know what I love about a holiday?

The post day after bliss. Of nothingness. Taking in the calmness apres the storm.

I wanted to do absolutely nothing today. Not one damn thing.

Well … I suppose that isn’t 100% true, since there is always some thing that we’re doing, even if it is nothing, which still counts as something.

It would be more accurate of me to say that today has been a day where I’ve chosen at leisure everything I’ve wanted to do.

Which started off with a spinning class.

Followed by fabulous leftovers from The Dinner. A nice napper. A long walk with B. One wonderful yoga session.

Can’t imagine a better way to spend time than with a good workout.

And now … now Brother, Maman and I are watching one of the best, all time classics {in my humble Taurus opinion}:

The Bishops Wife.

If for some unheard of reason you haven’t seen it — don’t worry, I’m only joking, it’s my first time, too — you totally need to.

There are so many first times to count that you almost lose track of them all.



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