Night Out.

Tonight marked a big moment: our first evening out. Together. Just us. In real clothes with other real  adults. Not the make believe ones I get used to on Netflix. For the […]


People. It’s back and worse than ever. The f-ing mastitis. I tried to be in delusional denial Monday evening thinking the body aches and chills were simply a figment of […]


I’ve never considered myself much ofa multitasker. That, People, was Pre-FOH. Just look at me now … Typing letter by letter on my iphone AND breastfeeding this kid. I’d say […]


I’ve just witnessed the most peaceful sunrise. I think it’s safe to say in my life to date. This is primarily because I can count on one hand the number […]

This Day.

I’ve fallen into a routine here where The BF takes FOH around 7-10 {in the morning}. This means I pump enough for him to do one of the morning feedings […]

ONE Week.

People. It has been ONE full week of not showing up and being here. ONE WEEK. Did you HEAR THAT? I’m sure you can’t tell I’ve been counting or anything. […]