Mother Earth.

Since it’s Earth Day and all, I figured I should give a little shout out to da mother … you know, that one that was here even before your momma’s momma’s momma.

The one that’s running this show.

And the one that I’m trying not to piss off too badly. I know I could do better … probably a lot better than I am, but I’m doing what I can and making the best of it. With that said, I started to think of all the good things I do for our Earth and environment.

I’ll start with composting. I’m about two and a half years going strong on this one, which Brother deserves most of the credit for. Once I got into the habit of putting food in a container, it became easier. That and Brother putting it outside. I take on cleaning duties. Of course, I have to keep a clean {and good looking} piece of plastic. No gross food or smells lingering here.

I encourage all of you to compost. I know, it might sound like a pain in the ass, but it’s really not. Proof of this is yours truly. I don’t do anything that’s a pain in the ass — specifically because I wouldn’t be able to do it then.

I’ve also gotten better with recycling and reusing. I know which friends need what for certain projects. Who knew there were uses for yogurt cups and toilet paper rolls? Or that Apple Cider Vinegar can be a great and natural home cleaning product?

Really, I suppose I can easily sum all of this up by just being more mindful about what I’m doing, how I’m doing it and who or what it might be impacting. I’m far from perfect, but I’m doing what I can and in that, however small it may be, making a difference.

With this whole Earth Day thing, all I keep thinking about is the inspiring and incredible yoga class I took in Paris this summer.

I swore I’d never be able to forget the teacher’s name, and now here I am — nameless. But I can see her and I can hear that hot, sexy, sultry Brazilian voice of hers. That right there should sum it up. I mean, what Brazilian doesn’t ooze just plain sexiness? Even the not so good looking ones do, because they open their mouth to speak, and then you’re had right there. Done.

Alright, so this might just be me with the Brazilians. And for the fifth time, no, I’m not gay. But I love gays. Just not one myself, though I’ll be the first to check any fine looking woman out — just ask The BF.

She started out class asking us to connect “wiz z Mozer Earf”. What is she saying to you? What is she trying to tell you? Please. Listen. Ask Za Mozer for her help.

I never, ever could have pulled that off. Me saying those words … just wouldn’t have worked. For starters, I would have busted out laughing, and I can only imagine the WTF looks on peoples faces. Yeah. Not my speed. But it was hers and she worked the shit out of it. I found myself actually asking Mozer what she wanted to tell me.

Except all I could hear was:

Nutella Crepes.

Leave it to The Mother.


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