The last 24 hours? Insane.

Eventful. Insane. And a little more insane.

Let me start with picking Maman up yesterday. I could tell by the look on her face that something was wrong. Turns out sister decided to pack four bottles of vino, one of which had exploded. Yes, in the suitcase.

People, I think my nose is still burning red vino. It was a mess. A hot mess. That, naturally, I couldn’t stop laughing about.

Good thing I have Guru on hand for calls in these sorts of situation, since red wine soaking a mustard leather handbag doesn’t only sound, but is v. dangerous.

It took a couple hours of cleanup, again, with much laughter, plus we had homegirl helping us out. Fond family memories were made.

Our actual Turkey day has been fantastic. A rather relaxing morning, a long walk with B, playing with my littles and yoga — before heading off to dear Aunt J’s.

Where we gathered with more extended family, and ate and ate and ate. Oh, the glory that be ye food.

I think the picture below of homegirl pretty much sums up how I felt about all the food, and especially the dessert table. Hell yes. One of each, please.

Oh, and one highlight in particular? I went upstairs, looking for my other little M and found him in Aunt J’s bathroom. Where he insisted it was bath time, got nakiiiid, and climb right on in — clothes dryer there and all.


Really, it’s just about us, all of us, being together for another Thanksgiving … It has me overwhelmed with thankfulness and abundance in my heart.

May you all feel so blessed on this and every day.

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